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Very long ago had not seen such a fascinating and well-made detective thriller with a considerable proportion of psychologism and philosophy. The plot – a hard, well-thought-out, no primitive and unnecessary nozzle with one hand and not reduced to mere trash and swinging guns / skating on the other – instantly captures its provocative and dynamic, combined with the correct number mrachnovatoy Gothic. No rules, no boundaries, no time to regret when you’re smart, tseleustremlen, but the main weapons in the hands of any of this vershitelya fate – a pen! High-quality, realistic and conservative in color dash is very well suited to the overall style of narration and the main points in the development of the plot. Despite the fact that the ideological content of series is not new to the literature (come to mind Camus, Balzac,
Dostoevsky), in the anime like I found the first time. Moreover, raised the philosophical and ethical issues – purpose and means of corruption of power, moral superiority, the right to judge others – are affected, as far as can be understood on the first series, very at ease, without the traditional stereotypes and pre-harvested (brought from classics) responses. And then, perhaps, to be an exciting post-game with the audience, which is difficult to predict the outcome, not looking up to the end.


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