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In medieval times, was born on this story – a story of 2 very different samurai and the girl who was able to merge them. One – Mugeni – amateur vypevki, women, and always ready to cut someone in half, the second – Gin – the typical representative of Dodge, the ideal busido, taciturn, reticent, observant, always ready to help and, of course, skillfully holds the sword. Determining which of them makes a better skating, they are left for later (which is typical), but still going to help this girl find the samurai who smells like sunflower …. Left without parents, Fu – the third main character – hired to work in a bar. One fine day in this school are the two at the same time true, but they both got in trouble and vputatsya neumernoe Mugena desire to find someone strong and kill him certainly engage him in battle with Ginom. While they are fighting, burning bar, t they find themselves the next day bound and vperspektive their kaznyat, because in the same institution was burned son of the local cones. Fu, to get to the box, offers to release them in exchange for a service. In general, cutting even half the protection of the local chapter, they are sent on a journey. So this story is fastened. Anime is drawn very nicely and in style: sometimes forget that the action takes place in the Middle Ages, because there is a series about rap, baseball, graffiti. The plot is too heterogeneous: sad stories about love could be replaced comedy about graffiti, etc. Вобщем, from the creators of “Cowboy Bebop”, look very funny anime “Samurai Champlu.


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