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Our main character Ash is dreaming of his Pokemon and want to travel. And an important day tomorrow, when he finally will get his first Pokemon. But he slept, and when it ran it up a electric Pokemon Pikachu who was not pleased to Eshu, and it hits pretty discharge. Opponent Ashe Gary has already departed, and Pokemon, which further angers Ashe. Cope with the Pikachu he did not get even, and pokebol all the Pokemon, he does not want to climb. Sad and dull Ash goes on a journey. At the meeting they first come across the bird Pokemon. As pikachu is unwilling srazhatsya Ash tries oglushit his heart that only angers the bird and help it to fly an entire flock of birds attacking Pikachu, but Ash it protects. From this, and begins a friendship Ashe and Pikachu.


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Here you’ll see special chapter of Pokemon manga. It’s really funny and interesting chapter, full of adventures and fight’s with pokemons. Main character Ash Ketchum is alos here like a hero.

Chapter № 93

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