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“Full Metal Panic!” begins with the young but very experienced for his age sergeant-terrorism organization Mifril, Sagar Sousuke receives a job for the Protection of the girl Tidori Kaname. Of course, Tidori – an unusual woman, endowed with supernatural abilities, which are not inherent to the ordinary person. It would seem that what the gifts are not only gives the heroines of anime … Tidori decided to call “whisper” – a girl, in whose brain lay the secret information on military technology, which, of course, should in no way fall into the hands of evil dyadek. In order to fulfill its mission, Sagar changes in the modest military camouflage uniforms, armed gentlemen set a mere student of Japanese schools, which is the following: pocket gaming system WonderSwan Color, the newest mobile phone, a pair of discs with a J-POP and the most important thing – a small rubber products, known popularly as “personal protection” and is in a class of Qana-Tian, disguised as new. “Full Metal Panic!” – A classic hybrid of genres “School days” and “Fur Action. Fair call, to see what the Sagar, who did not see almost nothing except their vocation defender than incidentally, the two of continuously and displays a state of mental equilibrium Kanu-Tian and the others – it’s even more fun than contemplate life hick town in Hideki “Chobits”! That deliberation with which the plot develops FMP! allows you to fully enjoy a relationship of heroes, especially when the tandem of Sagar-Tidori will love triangle, through the love in our militarist commander Testarossy – his immediate nachalnitsy.


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