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Ever since the legendary hunter vampires, Professor Wang Helsinga, clandestine organization of the Royal Knights Protestanstkih, inherited the name of its founder – “Hellsing”, successfully fights with vampires, working capital and other evil spirits, on the banks of the Misty Albion. Now the organization is headed in cold Integra, granddaughter of Wang Helsinga. That it will be real war with the generation of mysterious enemies of humanity, people turn to “artificial” vampire. The epidemic is spreading with terrifying speed and begins to threaten the very existence of the Royal Knights Protestanstkih. In an hour, when the retreating troops of elite special forces “Hellsinga ‘only hope of Integra is a powerful” real “vampire Alukard forced to serve as its new owners – the people. Alukard proved very valuable heritage – it forms the basis of «military» Hellsinga. He neuyazvim and unbeatable. He could make rivers of blood to flow to London, it does not have any holy water and silver. He cleans his race, with the hope of looking to host despicable leeches, this vampire, who is not a pity it would be a bullet. He is looking for the enemy itself. He is looking for such a nosferatu what it could attributed to the category «A», with which he could fight on equal terms. He is looking for this myself.


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