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2059 Makrossa universe. Song Lin Minmey has long history, Basra for 14 years out of fashion – took the old generation, and the world changed with it. People found a lot of outposts in its spiral arms of Galaxy, and even find fully fit for the planet. The Government of the United Nations continues to maintain a colonial policy, construction fleets, huge ships, the city paving new paths in search of habitats. This is the story of 25-th kolonizatsionnogo Fleet “Frontir” holding their own way to the center of the galaxy in the
constellation Streltsov. During the mission to unexplored asteroid belt plane scout VF-17 Nightmare destroyed some biomechanical life forms, the substance which immediately attack the fleet. Space Force U.N. have not been able to resist on an equal footing, the stranger, and those easily neskolkmim massacred dozens of fighters and three cruisers, burst to
the center of the colony, the main town. In the face of hopeless circumstances, the Government gives a good Frontira to intervene in fighting a private organization SMS, using just finished fighting vehicles VF-25, equipped with the latest modifications of weapons and armor …


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