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Twenty Sahasi Minato is the second year of living in Tokyo and can not enroll in college. What’s the point? After all, parents Minato – scientists, and he kind of smart? A case in nature – слабоват guy in the knees, any stress then knock him out of ruts. So at this «hero ponevole» from the sky, as usual, falls naive beauty Musubi, who happily announced that she «sekirey» – supervoin created by a mysterious organization, and that 108 of these, as it should join the «royal battle» at the end of which remain, understandably, only one. Each warrior must choose a «asikabi» – a person who can fully discover his (or her) capacity and improve the chances for ultimate victory. Because talent asikabi relatively rare, until then, the soldiers may form the whole municipality, which groups around the chosen one. It all started …
What is the purpose of creating Sekirey? What will be the winner? Who is Minato really? Answers to these and other questions will provide a serial from the creators of «lyrical sorceress Nanohi»!


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