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soul_eate11Why supergeroev the eternal problem of the territory entrusted to the release of every evil spirits – in the likeness of men, both within and outside it? Everything is simple – lack of education. And that is why in the world where there is action, God of Death has trained his assistants and candidates for the role of the divine weapons on a scientific basis, creating Arms Institute, based, of course, gone into the city. Studying at the Institute, two categories of students – those who are able to emerge as animated weapons, and their mate-master (called machines). Arms and the wizard worked in pairs, and the best of the candidates on the basis of education gets the opportunity to serve the skew of death – arms of God.

The history revolves around three groups of students: very carefully Maky paired with straw (it turns into a hair), Black narutoobraznogo stars paired with Tsubaki (it turns into a ninja weapon) and loose on the symmetry of Death, Jr., working with sister Pat and Liz (turn into pistols). As in any institution, nepotism thrives – Mack, for example, the daughter of this spit of Death, and Death Jr. – the son of God at all. But the relationship did not influence the attitude towards learning, and friends-rivals compete in a fair and evil spirits iznichtozhenii struggles, each in his style …


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