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Ryudzi Takasu, a major no luck. The late pop-mafia awarded son face and eyes so that he is not looking – teachers fall into stupor, and classmates get themselves wallets. As a result Ryudzi, whose name is the same means «Dragon», considered to be the cool punk in the district and all of his escape, apart from one another, Yusaku Kitamury. But in the soul of the protagonist – a soft and romantic guy who is a puller for all households, along with parrots and Inco scampish Mamane vpridachu. The only comfort Ryudzi that in high school in one class with him came not only best friend Kitamura, but also the love of lifelong Minoru Kusieda – sweet and energetic girl. And now the bad news: everything except for him, already know that there is a small, flat-chested and in the rare short-tempered beauty Taiga Aysaka nicknamed «Pocket Tiger»! The whole school is stuck in anticipation – what will happen when faced two local legends – Tiger and Dragon? To find the answer, see
the effervescent new comedy of the school, rented by an indisputable explanation «Syany», «Hayate» and «Louise»!


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