Oz Bezarius, heir to one of the noble Duke, he had just turned fifteen. His life is full of wealth and carefree and the only drawback is the only constant absence of his father.However, at the age everything changes. Without explanation, he goes to prison, known as the «gap» and is drawn into a strange game started a organization «Pandora»


tears to tiara

A world in which there is the Middle Ages. The girl was named Riannon going to sacrifice in order to restore the king of demons Arauna. When her brother, Arthur tries to save the sister, turns Araun led his men into bloody porridge and frees the girl. And, as often happens in such stories, she immediately falls in love in this daemon, correspondence and records in the men further in the text.


In medieval times, was born on this story – a story of 2 very different samurai and the girl who was able to merge them. One – Mugeni – amateur vypevki, women, and always ready to cut someone in half, the second – Gin – the typical representative of Dodge, the ideal busido, taciturn, reticent, observant, always ready to help and, of course, skillfully holds the sword. Determining which of them makes a better skating, they are left for later (which is typical), but still going to help this girl find the samurai who smells like sunflower …. Left without parents, Fu – the third main character – hired to work in a bar. One fine day in this school are the two at the same time true, but they both got in trouble and vputatsya neumernoe Mugena desire to find someone strong and kill him certainly engage him in battle with Ginom. While they are fighting, burning bar, t they find themselves the next day bound and vperspektive their kaznyat, because in the same institution was burned son of the local cones. Fu, to get to the box, offers to release them in exchange for a service. In general, cutting even half the protection of the local chapter, they are sent on a journey. So this story is fastened. Anime is drawn very nicely and in style: sometimes forget that the action takes place in the Middle Ages, because there is a series about rap, baseball, graffiti. The plot is too heterogeneous: sad stories about love could be replaced comedy about graffiti, etc. Вобщем, from the creators of “Cowboy Bebop”, look very funny anime “Samurai Champlu.

soul_eate11Why supergeroev the eternal problem of the territory entrusted to the release of every evil spirits – in the likeness of men, both within and outside it? Everything is simple – lack of education. And that is why in the world where there is action, God of Death has trained his assistants and candidates for the role of the divine weapons on a scientific basis, creating Arms Institute, based, of course, gone into the city. Studying at the Institute, two categories of students – those who are able to emerge as animated weapons, and their mate-master (called machines). Arms and the wizard worked in pairs, and the best of the candidates on the basis of education gets the opportunity to serve the skew of death – arms of God.

The history revolves around three groups of students: very carefully Maky paired with straw (it turns into a hair), Black narutoobraznogo stars paired with Tsubaki (it turns into a ninja weapon) and loose on the symmetry of Death, Jr., working with sister Pat and Liz (turn into pistols). As in any institution, nepotism thrives – Mack, for example, the daughter of this spit of Death, and Death Jr. – the son of God at all. But the relationship did not influence the attitude towards learning, and friends-rivals compete in a fair and evil spirits iznichtozhenii struggles, each in his style …

In Kanokon story revolves around cats Oyamady, a young freshman, who moved from rural to urban areas, and thus enters the high school Kunpu, and two girls who are really spirits: one – Fox, the other – volchenok, and that VERY diligently seek him. And just the right age, in every way to prevent “debauchery” as well as … in a way people … or not people … Mr. вобщем other spirits.
Quite frank jokes and allusions. Or not hint …
In general look and lift your spirits! ^___^


Twenty Sahasi Minato is the second year of living in Tokyo and can not enroll in college. What’s the point? After all, parents Minato – scientists, and he kind of smart? A case in nature – слабоват guy in the knees, any stress then knock him out of ruts. So at this «hero ponevole» from the sky, as usual, falls naive beauty Musubi, who happily announced that she «sekirey» – supervoin created by a mysterious organization, and that 108 of these, as it should join the «royal battle» at the end of which remain, understandably, only one. Each warrior must choose a «asikabi» – a person who can fully discover his (or her) capacity and improve the chances for ultimate victory. Because talent asikabi relatively rare, until then, the soldiers may form the whole municipality, which groups around the chosen one. It all started …
What is the purpose of creating Sekirey? What will be the winner? Who is Minato really? Answers to these and other questions will provide a serial from the creators of «lyrical sorceress Nanohi»!

Ryudzi Takasu, a major no luck. The late pop-mafia awarded son face and eyes so that he is not looking – teachers fall into stupor, and classmates get themselves wallets. As a result Ryudzi, whose name is the same means «Dragon», considered to be the cool punk in the district and all of his escape, apart from one another, Yusaku Kitamury. But in the soul of the protagonist – a soft and romantic guy who is a puller for all households, along with parrots and Inco scampish Mamane vpridachu. The only comfort Ryudzi that in high school in one class with him came not only best friend Kitamura, but also the love of lifelong Minoru Kusieda – sweet and energetic girl. And now the bad news: everything except for him, already know that there is a small, flat-chested and in the rare short-tempered beauty Taiga Aysaka nicknamed «Pocket Tiger»! The whole school is stuck in anticipation – what will happen when faced two local legends – Tiger and Dragon? To find the answer, see
the effervescent new comedy of the school, rented by an indisputable explanation «Syany», «Hayate» and «Louise»!